O3b Networks successfully launches new satellites

O3b Networks successfully launches new satellites

O3b Networks has announced the launch of four new satellites after successful in-orbit testing.

The expanded constellation is now fully operational, allowing the company to launch services on a global basis. It also plans to launch a further four satellites in 2015.

O3b is already operational in a range of markets, including the Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the recent launches are designed to allow telco customers to launch 3G mobile voice and data services in markets where mobile voice was only previously supported.

Steve Collar, CEO of O3b, said the company had already signed 28 customers that are now awaiting service activation.

“We have created the ‘WOW’ factor with our early customer service, largely because in today’s world of enterprise and consumer applications, the core attributes of O3b’s affordable, low-latency, high-throughput service deliver performance never previously seen over satellite,” he said.

O3b claims its present service is meeting or exceeding comprehensive service level agreements, including link-up time, latency and throughput.

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