Vodafone NZ launches 700MHz LTE network

Vodafone NZ launches 700MHz LTE network

Vodafone New Zealand has today announced the launch of its commercial 700MHz LTE network in the country, in partnership with Nokia Networks.

The operator began offering its initial 4G services in Wellington in July 2013, and the launch in Papakura, on the outskirts of Auckland, is thought to be one of the first Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) LTE networks on the 700MHz band.

The network is expected to offer speeds up to 10 times faster than standard 3G services, and enhance network coverage and capacity for customers in the region.

The 700MHz band allows for high-quality indoor and extended rural area coverage of 4G services, an area of focus for the company moving forward.

“There is no question that 4G – particularly in rural areas – will deliver economic benefit and have strong impacts for productivity,” said Sandra Pickering, director of technology at Vodafone New Zealand.

“Our focus this year is about expanding our 4G network to rural New Zealand with 700MHz, and Nokia Networks will play an important part in implementing this initiative.”

Nokia Networks was Vodafone’s vendor of choice for its initial 4G roll-out and will upgrade its existing single RAN base stations as part of the agreement.


“We remain committed to help the operator in delivering the best-in-class service experience to its subscribers,” said Stephen McFeeley, head of Australia and New Zealand at Nokia Networks.

In July 2014, rival operator Telecom New Zealand announced plans to launch 4G services on the 700MHz band this month.

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