NBN extends Ericsson contract

Australia’s National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) has extended a fixed and mobile managed-service contract with Swedish vendor Ericsson.

NBN awarded Ericsson the initial contract for the roll-out of mobile broadband in June 2011, and the extended contract will include the delivery and operation of long-term satellites across regional and rural Australia.

Ericsson will be the primary service partner for NBN Co’s fixed and mobile satellite services and will utilise its Long Term Satellite Solution (LTSS) to connect an estimated one million households.

“The rising demand for high-speed broadband services and need for quality delivery has led us to continue our partnership with Ericsson,” said Greg Adcock, COO at NBN Co. “This agreement will enable greater efficiencies and consistency of network management across both our fixed and satellite ground networks.”

Ericsson will migrate NBN Co’s 42,000 interim satellite users to the LTSS when it comes into operation, and it is expected to help NBN Co to deliver an improved broadband service.

“Ubiquitous, affordable, dependable broadband to homes and businesses across Australia will have a tremendously positive impact on everything, from education to health and social cohesion,” said Håkan Eriksson, head of Ericsson Australia and New Zealand. “By providing advanced telecommunications services to families and business, we can help to bridge the digital divide and support economic and community growth.”

NBN Co revealed plans to upgrade its satellite service in March this year, and earlier this week, partnered with Thaicom subsidiary IPSTAR Australia (IPA) for a new broadband initiative.