GTS Central Europe launches unified communications service

GTS Central Europe launches unified communications service

GTS Central Europe has announced the launch of a new unified communications service for voice, messaging and collaboration.

GTS’ Unified Communications (UC) offering is designed to integrate multiple communications and collaboration tools into a single platform, and it will work to enable companies to improve business efficiency and productivity, while reducing costs.

The application will be accessible on laptops, smartphones and tablets that run over major operating systems, and through a single interface, employees will be able to navigate between messaging, voice, video and desktop tools.

“We are excited to continue to meet the demands of our business customers and offer a managed service that brings together the different types of communication methods onto one single platform,” said Sunny Kumar, VP of marketing and business development at GTS. “Not only does our UC service enable companies to become more productive and improve employee experience, it allows them to control costs and eliminate significant capital expenditures that are required with other deployment.”

GTS said the launch will mainly target CIOs, and look to address their needs for new technologies that lower costs, consolidate resources and simplify enterprise architecture.

GTS CE was acquired by German operator Deutsche Telekom earlier this year.