Telecom NZ to launch 4G on 700MHz in August

Telecom NZ to launch 4G on 700MHz in August

Telecom New Zealand is planning to launch 4G LTE services in August this year following its licence acquisition in the 700MHz spectrum band.

The country’s incumbent is aiming to launch the services to complement existing 4G offerings in limited regions, which utilise the 1800MHz band.


In the 700MHz spectrum band, Telecom New Zealand hopes to launch a network for commercial traffic in the Waikato region, following successful trials in May.

The country’s regulator approved the spectrum acquisition in June and Telecom New Zealand launched 4G services across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in November last year using 18000MHz frequencies.

700MHz spectrum is widely seen in the market as a better alternative in terms of technology and performance, and allows for a wider roll-out of 4G mobile broadband in rural and urban areas.


The company has implemented 11 cell sites using the 700MHz spectrum, and the roll-out will extend year by year to meet its target for mobile broadband services across rural parts of the country.


“Telecom now owns the largest block of 700MHz spectrum,” said David Havercroft, COO at Telecom NZ, “This has given us the confidence to accelerate our plans to roll out 4G services on 700MHz.”

Telecom NZ invested approximately $158 million in the government auction for 700MHz spectrum.

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