Lobby group hits out at UK broadband

Lobby group hits out at UK broadband

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has said that the UK’s broadband is not fit for purpose, and that its target needs to be increased to compete better with other nations.

The FSB said that the existing target is not ambitious enough and is calling on the UK government to commit to delivering a minimum of 10Mbps to all homes and businesses by 2018/19.

“If small businesses are to thrive and prosper and contribute to a growing economy, they need universal access to what is now considered the fourth utility,” a report from the FSB said.

The report claimed that only 15% of firms were ‘very satisfied’ with their broadband connection, and that 45,000 small businesses in the UK were still using dial-up connectivity.

As well as increased broadband targets, the FSB has also said that the government should prioritise the delivery of fibre-optic broadband to business parks in the UK, and reform the country’s broadband market.

However, UK incumbent BT and the country’s government have said that the FSB’s findings are unrealistic.

“73% of UK premises can access fibre – including some businesses who say they can’t in this report – and that should rise to 90% in under two years,” a BT spokeswoman told local reporters.


“Having said that, we know that many businesses are waiting for fibre and it may be they’re prominent among the 4% of FSB members that replied to this survey. The good news is that fibre should reach the vast majority of that 4% in the coming months or next couple of years under existing plans.”