GTS launches security solution for DDoS attacks

GTS launches security solution for DDoS attacks

GTS Central Europe has today announced new service capabilities designed to protect enterprise networks from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

The GTS Anti-DDoS solution operates as a cloud-based service to provide monitoring capabilities and removes malicious traffic that flows through a customer’s network during an attack.

This is designed to enable customers to maintain a web presence and business operations without interruption. The company claims it can identify traffic changes in less than 15 minutes and the company’s security engineers work with customers to build a tailor-made protection plan against such activity.

“DDoS attacks are growing in frequency and complexity, disrupting enterprises in the region. Traditional protection techniques are no longer effective,” said Sunny Kumar, VP of marketing and business development at GTS. “To maximise business uptime, customers require network-based protection to allow their business to grow and protect their brand.”

Enterprise customers are increasingly vulnerable to DDoS attacks due to their dependence on the internet and GTS state that over the last year, attacks in the CEE region have increased by 40% – an increase three times greater than in the previous year.

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