Emerson Network Power to deliver greener power supplies for data centres

Emerson Network Power to deliver greener power supplies for data centres

Emerson Network Power has announced plans to deliver greener data centre technology standards, as part of the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) pilot, led by the European Commission.

The PEF pilot, which is intended towards “building a single market for green products”, aims to define rules to access the environmental impact of products that are brought to market, and brings together stakeholders across the continent over a three-year testing phase.

Emerson Network Power is working towards delivering greener uninterruptible power supplies for data centre technologies. Selected products will be submitted to test PEF’s methods for implementing product performance benchmarks and working with partners and stakeholders for efficient and effective compliance and verification systems.

“As a leading UPS manufacturer, Emerson Network Power has a responsibility to be at the forefront in forging the way for the future, as the industry collectively seeks to achieve standardisation across Europe,” said Franco Costa, VP and general manager, Power Systems, Emerson Network Power in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“Our involvement with the European Commission’s PEF scheme cements our commitment towards bringing products to the market which meet evolving industry standards, while continuing to best meet customer needs – an ethos which has long been in practice in product innovation across our business,” he added.

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