Glocall Telecoms to launch 4G in Somalia

Glocall Telecoms to launch 4G in Somalia

Somali carrier Glocall Telecoms is set to become the first carrier to provide LTE coverage in the country.

Glocall has announced that it will partner with Tazca Connects to deploy an LTE network in the capital city, Mogadishu.

“Deploying 4G with Tazca Connects will accelerate global connectivity in Somalia and provide new opportunities to stimulate socio-economic growth, by increasing access to information and rich content services," said Mobeen Bhamjee, CEO of Glocall Telecoms.

Tazca’s service will be powered by a software platform from Lemko Corporation, which is said to provide reliable and cost-effective 4G LTE connectivity.

"Tazca Connects’ LTE offering, backed by Lemko’s distributed LTE architecture, was selected due to the need for an efficient, cost-effective 4G LTE solution, deployable on demand, which would enable affordable, mass broadband penetration in challenging environments,” Bhamjee added.

According to Tazca, the Lemko software allows Tazca and its local partners to provide the lowest per-subscriber, per-GB MHz PoP cost in any market.

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