New Mexican regulations to boost competition

New Mexican regulations to boost competition

Mexico’s telecoms regulator said yesterday that new legislation will target dominant players in the market in a bid to boost competition in the country.

The Mexican government approved plans for a reform in March last year, and on Thursday Mexico’s Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) said that it has determined those players in the market with a dominant or oversized market share.

The companies in question have not been officially revealed but Carlos Slim’s América Móvil and Telmex, as well as Emilio Azcárraga’s Televisa, are expected to be the most affected, according to the Financial Times.

The IFT said that it will hold a news conference to announce the changes for these dominant players, but no date has been disclosed.

Competition in the Mexican market has long been hugely unbalanced and the IFT expect new legislation to create a more level playing field to allow smaller competitors to contend.

Earlier this month, President Enrique Pena Nieto confirmed a set of secondary rulings for the new regulation.

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