Djibouti Data Center launches IXP

Djibouti Data Center launches IXP

Djibouti Data Center (DDC) has strengthened its position as hub for East Africa by launching an internet exchange point.

The move will help keep local traffic in East Africa local by reducing the need to exchange traffic at other peering points outside of the region. DDC hopes it will bring reduced latency, faster connectivity and lower costs for network operators and internet users in East Africa.

"Africa has historically been challenged by high internet costs. We are leveraging the DDC's ecosystem to improve local internet performance, efficiency, resilience, and cost by keeping local traffic local. The results are all around improvements for service providers and end users in the region."

DDC enables access to eight international and regional fibre-optic cable systems, and offers services such as cable head access, hosting, colocation and Vpop.

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