Hurricane Electric connects to BBIX in Tokyo
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Hurricane Electric connects to BBIX in Tokyo

Hurricane Electric has expanded its presence in the Asia-Pacific market with a connection into the BBIX internet exchange in Tokyo, Japan.

Hurricane’s presence at BBIX is expected to provide customers of the exchange with reduced latency, improved fault tolerance and access to the co-location provider’s IPv4 and IPv6 network.

“Over the last year, Hurricane Electric has seen a rapid increase in growth and customer demand in the Asia-Pacific region, and we are delighted to provide additional connectivity options to customers of BBIX,” said Mike Leber, president of Hurricane Electric.

“This new connection will provide lower latency, fewer route hops and greater bandwidth for their internet traffic and network needs,” Leber added.

BBIX customers are also expected to benefit from the opportunity to peer with Hurricane’s global network.

Last month, BICS upgraded Hurricane’s European network to 100G.

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