Infinera and Telefónica demonstrate NaaS capabilities

Infinera and Telefónica demonstrate NaaS capabilities

Optical transport provider Infinera and Spanish network operator Telefónica have collaborated to demonstrate the use of software defined networking (SDN) to support Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) capabilities in a multi-layer environment.

The demonstration allowed end users to define MPLS services from a single screen, Infinera reported in a statement. This resulted in the allocation and configuration of networking resources at both the IP/MPLS layer and the transport layer.

The speed and automation of NaaS allows service providers to deploy services faster, more efficiently and at lower cost, according to the two companies.

"By working closely with the advanced research centre at Telefónica I+D we are able to keep our finger on the pulse of network operator requirements for next-generation transport networks,” said Chris Liou, VP at network strategy, Infinera. “These NaaS demonstrations highlight an application for software defined networks that is gaining traction with global carriers."

The demo highlighted how SDN enables providers to develop new multi-layer services rapidly and free from the constraints of proprietary operating systems.

The two partners have said that NaaS allows operators to offer user-initiated connectivity services to multiple customers on top of a common physical infrastructure, empowering the customer to request bandwidth services as needed, without manual intervention.

"This demonstration with Infinera is the type of research and development that puts us on the forefront of testing new technologies that continually reduce deployment time, the number of manual operations and deliver more dynamic connections on our network," said Víctor López, responsible for SDN transport innovation activities at Telefónica.

Earlier this month Telefónica was fined €500,000 by the Spain’s regulator for two allegedly “very serious” breaches of competition rules in its home market.

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