Geo Networks connects Coreix sites

Geo Networks connects Coreix sites

UK-based Geo Networks has announced a partnership with service provider Coreix to connect its two primary facilities in London.

Using its dedicated fibre solution, Geo now connects Coreix’s units at Virtus, Enfield and the London Hosting Centre, Docklands, via a secure and scalable route.

“Many of our clients are responsible for government contracts, where security is a key concern and they look to us for compliant services,” said Paul Davies, technical director at Coreix.

“Geo’s fibre provides the secure, fast connection we need to meet their disaster recovery needs, as well as our own.”

Coreix only recently migrated to the London Hosting Centre from another Docklands site and Geo’s fibre route has reduced the service provider’s latency by 50%, compared to its previous connection through central London.

The solution also delivers maximum flexibility and guaranteed bandwidth, and has the scale to grow alongside future capacity demands from customers.

“Geo’s proposition delivers significant competitive advantage both in terms of flexibility and stability,” said Chris Smedley, CEO at Geo Networks. “The dedicated network model proves our commitment to giving our customers the opportunity to light their own fibre and resell capacity to a wider customer base, offering end-users cost savings and choice.”

Earlier this month, Geo Networks extended its fibre infrastructure across west London.

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