NSN upgrades its small cell solution

NSN upgrades its small cell solution

Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) has upgraded its small cell solution to enable it to provide the software and capability of a base station.

NSN’s range of Flexi Zone small cells can now be deployed both indoors and outdoors and are suitable for covering large areas with high density traffic such as railway stations or university campuses.

“Flexi Zone architecture continues to push the boundaries of what small cells can do,” said Randy Cox, head of small cells product management at NSN.

The upgrades mean the small cells are now able to support TD-LTE and Wifi as well as extra frequency bands.

The company has also announced that the Flexi Zone controller application can be deployed to mitigate interference between small cells. The technology can mesh up to one hundred small cells together so that they act as one, allowing an increased number of small cells in one area.

“Our latest enhancements open up vast new potential for operators to provide top-quality mobile broadband services to their subscribers in even the largest indoor environments and make Flexi Zone the most versatile and lowest overall cost small cell solution.”

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