ADVA Optical Networking addresses mobile data demand

ADVA Optical Networking addresses mobile data demand

ADVA Optical Networking has today launched a solution designed to help mobile operators meet the growing demand for data from mobile customers.

ADVA’s AnyCell Connectivity solution combines both hardware and software, and provides a direct migration path between RANs and high-speed mobile broadband networks.

Christoph Glingener, CTO at ADVA Optical Networking said that MNOs are reaching a point where they need to make important decisions about their networks.

“There are several solutions they can apply: migrate to LTE-Advanced, introduce a small cell layer or consolidate base band units to drive efficiencies by deploying remote radio heads,” Glingener said.

“All approaches ultimately improve their customers’ experience and increase coverage. The question is what to deploy where and when.”

ADVA’s solution is expected to deliver innovative ways for MNOs to take the next step, and flexibly connect the huge number of macros cells, small cells and remote radio heads (RRHs) required to address the increase in mobile data.

“No other solution provides more flexibility, no other solution provides better service assurance,” Glingener added.

Last month, ADVA launched a suite of services designed to help carriers manage their Ethernet networks.

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