Vodafone files complaint against Telefónica

Vodafone files complaint against Telefónica

UK mobile operator Vodafone has accused Telefónica of using its position in Spain to try and reduce competition in the county, Reuters reports.

Vodafone filed a complaint against the Spanish operator on Friday last week, and yesterday criticised Telefónica’s fibre-optic network deal with competitor Jazztel.

The complaint follows reports that Vodafone is pursuing the acquisition of Spanish operator ONO, and the UK operator told reporters that Telefónica is looking to control the “lion’s share” of fibre-optic networks in Spain.

Vodafone does not have fibre-optic networks in the country and the UK company claimed that Telefónica’s deal with Jazztel – made in October 2012 and involving fibre-optic networks – was a tactical move to make it impossible for Vodafone to compete.

Telefónica’s deal with TeliaSonera’s Yoigo in 2013 also caused a stir with Vodafone.

“All the practices... leave fewer choices for consumers,” Vodafone told reporters.

In response, Telefónica claimed that all its deals were legal.

“We have shown we are willing to sign deals with everyone,” the Spanish company said.

Competition in the Spanish market is intensifying and in December last year, Vodafone began trialling LTE-A technology in the country’s capital of Madrid.

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