NSN and Huawei pen bilateral OSS agreement

NSN and Huawei pen bilateral OSS agreement

Vendors NSN and Huawei have signed a partnership to improve the interoperability of their operations support system (OSS) interfaces for operators.

The bilateral agreement follows a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by both companies in May last year, and is designed to support operators using systems from multiple vendors.

The partnership is part of the broader Operations Support System Interoperability Initiative (OSSii) set up by multiple industry players. The agreement between NSN and Huawei includes a cross-licence agreement, as well as reciprocal testing service agreements between both companies to offer interoperability testing opportunities for the licensed interfaces under OSSii.

Operators will benefit from the OSSii integration model as time to market will be shortened, costs will reduce and problems associated with current integration solutions will be alleviated.

“This agreement will bring a whole new level of agility to multi-vendor integrations,” said Peter Patomella, VP for CEM and OSS at NSN. “We have an industry-leading CEM and OSS portfolio, and OSSii will allow our customers to derive the best possible business value from it, with reduced focus on integration aspects.”

The two vendors plan to extend the bilateral licence agreement to include more network nodes and interfaces in the future.

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