China Telecom partners with Huawei for network maintenance

China Telecom partners with Huawei for network maintenance

China Telecom is set to upgrade its network by implementing equipment vendor Huawei’s eOTDR solution.

Huawei’s embedded optical time domain reflectometer (eOTDR) is designed to help network maintenance and test for backbone fibre faults

The announcement follows successful trials of the solution across the operator’s entire network and Huawei reported that it is the first time an eOTDR test has taken place on a live network.

Once ODN construction is completed, the solution can test fibre quality and report alarms in the event of quality deterioration, by implementing periodic testing and facilitating rapid response troubleshooting.

In the past, China Telecom has had problems with fibre cuts caused by construction or rodent damage.

The solution will reportedly reduce management costs, as it can identify faults without having to deploy as many field engineers to test the network.

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