Ekinops releases backhaul solution for rural sites

Ekinops releases backhaul solution for rural sites

French vendor Ekinops has launched an optical mobile backhaul solution for rural cell sites, where service providers need high capacity but have to minimise space, power needs, and cost.

Certified for Extended Temperature Range (ETR) operations from -40 to +65 degrees Celsius (-40 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit), Ekinops’ mobile backhaul solution can operate in extreme temperatures.

The solution addresses the issue of space constraints by maximising the performance and capacity in either a 1RU or 2RU system.

The technology operates with -48V DC or +24V AC power feeds, consuming little power, or even no power in situations where sites require only a passive solution.

"Rural markets are helping drive the growth in mobile data and voice traffic, but because of the economics in these areas, it is essential that service providers find cost-effective solutions," said François Xavier Ollivier, COO at Ekinops.

“Very few equipment vendors provide what it takes, such as ETR products that can be deployed deeper into the rural network, where backhaul is complicated by distance, limited facilities, extreme temperatures, and other operational issues," Ollivier added.

Ekinops' backhaul solution features dynamic forward error correction technology which eliminates transmission errors and the need for signal regeneration facilities, which is especially valuable in areas where there is a lot of distance between sites.

The move represents a new direction for the French company, which has traditionally operated in the metro to long-haul space.

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