Aicent grows IPX peering connection at AMS-IX

Aicent grows IPX peering connection at AMS-IX

Service provider Aicent has increased its peering link at AMS-IX to dual 10GE peering connections.

The connection is thought to be a world first for IPX peering, and it is hoped the development will drive the adoption of data roaming for LTE.

“By doubling our capacity with AMS-IX, we have broadened our capabilities to provision next generation services, including content delivery and VoLTE for the carrier, enterprise and consumer markets,” said Vivian Ding, VP of operations at Aicent.

As the number of mobile subscribers grows rapidly across the globe, so does the need for greater capacity to handle the ensuing data surge, and Aicent’s10GE peering connection is expected to help meet such demand.

“This first redundant 10GE IPX peering connection will definitely help [Aicent] to handle expected traffic growth with roaming over LTE,” said Job Witteman, CEO at AMS-IX.

“The connection also demonstrates Aicent’s trust in the robustness and cost-effectiveness of the neutral AMS-IX platform as the main IPX peering point. Together with IPX providers such as Aicent, we can continue to work on making IPX the modus operandi for the roll-out and interconnection of next-generation mobile services and networks,” Witteman added.

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