NSN releases cloud application management service

NSN releases cloud application management service

Finnish vendor Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) is launching an automated cloud application management service, designed to support operators running network functions on cloud-based infrastructure.

The service will help operators prepare and implement their own telco clouds and migrate existing telco services to cloud-based networks.

“NSN’s track record in telco cloud innovation is unmatched by any other vendor. Now we are launching the industry’s first commercial, standardised telco cloud solution backed by expert services,” said Michael Clever, SVP of Core, NSN.

By automating many phases in a telco application’s cycle, the cloud application manager provides automated elasticity management of cloud resources, to ensure the right network capacity is available to run applications.

“The telco cloud has finally become a reality for operators worldwide,” Clever said. “Our new Cloud Application Manager makes sure operators can tackle the complexities of telco cloud any time, with flexible network capacity, shorter time to market and high return on hardware investment.”

In addition, NSN is building a telco cloud partner programme with a number of players in the industry, including HP, one of its IT platform providers.

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