Tata ready to launch VoLTE

Tata ready to launch VoLTE

Tata Communications has announced that its network is ready to supply voice over LTE calling (VoLTE) to IPX-connected service providers.

VoLTE allows mobile network operators to offer near-instant call setup, better sound quality and the capability for HD voice communications.

Mobile voice quality issues are a concern for network operators and investing in VoLTE is set to greatly reduce customer churn and improve the customer experience. It is seen as a key factor for the success of 4G customer uptake.

Analysts estimate that VoLTE services combined with OTT VoIP are set to become a $16 billion business by 2017, and Tata sees VoLTE as a huge opportunity for mobile operators to generate additional revenue.

“Our VoLTE offering enables mobile operators to generate additional revenue through increased usage, especially in high-margin roaming scenarios and international calling,” said Christian Michaud, SVP strategy and development global voice services at Tata.

“Adding VoLTE to the portfolio also provides mobile operators with a potential competitive advantage over OTT providers, who may not be able to match the quality of experience. This is especially true, as video calling over LTE will be the natural evolution of VoLTE,” he added.

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