Level 3 to provide secure data sharing services to Hogarth

Level 3 to provide secure data sharing services to Hogarth

Level 3 has signed a deal with London-based marketing agency Hogarth Worldwide to provide secure sharing and back-up of TV, print and digital production files.

Hogarth will be using Level 3’s wavelengths, virtual private LAN service, and co-location for scalable connectivity to help it store and share content between its production teams in London, New York, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Bucharest, Hong Kong, Singapore, São Paulo and Mexico City.

The agreement will also allow Hogarth’s teams to communicate over a fully meshed private network, enabling secure data sharing.

“The sharing and localisation of digital assets is central to our global growth,” said Dino Ciminiello, group IT director at Hogarth. “We selected Level 3 to enable this level of collaboration as we need a network partner of truly international scale with the capacity to grow alongside our demands.”

Last month, Level 3 reached an agreement with Telekom Malaysia to provide internet localisation services. The deal allows TM to cache high-demand content locally on its network, enhancing internet connectivity, network efficiency and security.

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