Numericable partners IBM with for cloud solutions

Numericable partners IBM with for cloud solutions

Technology giant IBM has announced that it has partnered with French operator Numericable’s subsidiary Completel, to deploy cloud-based services.

The agreement will see the development of an infrastructure-as-a-service offering aimed at businesses.

A combination of Numericable’s fibre network and IBM’s cloud solutions will allow the cable operator to offer applications for nomadism, social business, IT availability and communication-as-a-service to customers throughout France.

"In this year of the IBM France Centennial, we are very proud to work with Completel in this new cloud challenge, definitely aimed at providing outstanding performance to its customers," said Rémi Lassiaille, General Manager at IBM France Global Technology Services.

In February last year IBM signed an agreement with Deutsche Telekom to provide an integrated data and analytics solutions portfolio targeted at cities.

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