RTX launches SMS exchange

RTX launches SMS exchange

Carrier exchange platform RTX has expanded its portfolio with the launch of SMS Exchange, designed to allow operators to identify profitable routes for SMS traffic.

The launch coincides with enhancements to RTX’s Partner Programme, which supports in-house wholesale activities between telcos, and the company expects the upgrade to help operators drive revenue.

“The improved capabilities we are now able to offer with SMS Exchange and the RTX Partner Program means that operators can come to us for a range of different services,” said Neil Kitcher, managing director at RTX.

“They can now extend their reach into new territories safe in the knowledge that quality assurance and financial security are guaranteed.”

It is hoped that the addition of SMS Exchange and the expansion of the RTX Partner Programme will allow operators to capitalise on the growing demand for application-to-person (A2P) messaging, in a risk-free environment.

“Tier one operators can explore new markets with the confidence that financial risk is minimised - our relationship with major international banks is unique in this highly specialised sector of the industry - and niche players and specialist providers such as MVNOs can make deals with carriers they might previously not have had access to,” Kitcher added.

Founded in 2007 – and now with over 5,000 members worldwide – RTX hopes the twin announcements to allow for the delivery of a secure service to operators, as well as build on its vision of becoming the global provider of choice for voice, data and messaging services.

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