Deutsche Telekom opens IP PoP in Hong Kong

Deutsche Telekom opens IP PoP in Hong Kong

Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS) has today announced the launch of an IP PoP in Hong Kong.

ICSS, Deutsche Telekom’s international wholesale division, expects the PoP to expand the company’s reach in the Asia-Pacific by delivering reliable voice connectivity to Europe and the US.

The PoP is designed to support all major IP protocols, as well as deliver low latency and reduce transmission distances.

Hong Kong is a global business hub and Holger Magnussen, SVP at Deutsche Telekom ICSS, said that the development in the country marks the company’s dedication to serving the global marketplace.

“At ICSS, we see great growth potential in the Asia-Pacific region, and we will persist in helping regional clients expand their business opportunities,” Magnussen said.

The IP PoP is expected to prepare the country for further development of the Asia voice market, and ICSS hoped to double its market share in Asia in the next three years.

In January last year, ICSS launched an IP PoP in Istanbul in order to help develop the region.

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