Tata launches mobile VoIP platform

Tata launches mobile VoIP platform

Tata Communications has today launched its mobile VoIP platform for the delivery of enhanced IP communication services.

The platform is designed to allow mobile network operators (MNO) to roll out converged IP solutions, creating competition and differentiation between roamers and other digital users benefitting from internet reach.

“Mobile operators are looking for ways to evolve their services portfolio to better meet the needs of their end users,” said Christian Michaud, SVP of product and business strategy, global voice solutions at Tata Communications.

“Our mobile VoIP offerings allow operators to gain additional revenue from today’s ‘always connected’ users, and create new market segments without the significant upfront capital investment and lead time required for true native rich communication services.”

MNOs are expected to be able to deliver converged communication services across voice, chat and video platforms, as well as launch their own branded mobile VoIP apps.

OTT services are becoming increasingly popular and research firm UCStrategies expects that by 2017, more than 1 billion people will be using mobile VoIP on their smartphones.

Anthony Cox, associate analyst at Juniper Research, said that operators need to start considering the advantages of VoIP services.

“Mobile VoIP can be used by MNOs, or indeed fixed-line or cable players, to address specific target markets or develop new services bundles, such as video conferencing,” Cox said.

Tata’s mobile VoIP platform is part of its voice business apps suite and SK Telekom in South Korea has also been experimenting with mobile VoIP services.

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