Neul launches M2M network solution

Neul launches M2M network solution

UK-based Neul has today launched NeulNET, its networking solution for the internet of things (IoT).

Neul develops and supplies technology to network operators in Europe and the NeulNET system is designed to provide enhanced coverage, battery life and simplicity of operation for the IoT, compared to existing GPRS, 3G, CDMA and LTE WAN solutions.

Stan Boland, CEO at Neul, said that to benefit from the IoT, small, low-cost “things” need to communicate with services from the cloud, often from underground or deep within buildings, running for many years on a single battery.

Neul CEO Stan Boland

“Until now, network operators couldn’t provide a data communications service to deliver on this,” said Boland.

“Our NeulNET system offers service providers a comprehensive solution, enabling them to grow their revenues by capitalising on the Internet of Things opportunity.”

Neul’s solution provides a two-way, managed communication with QoS for M2M devices, and is designed to operate in licensed and unlicensed spectrum, across a variety of frequencies.

BT is conducting initial trials of the NeulNET solution and Mark Harrop, director of mobile strategy and wireless cities programme lead at BT, said that Neul’s system is essential for realising the true potential of the IoT.

“We’re excited to be trialling this over the coming months,” Harrop added.

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