BICS enables LTE roaming for 95 million subscribers

BICS enables LTE roaming for 95 million subscribers

Belgian wholesale service provider BICS has today announced that its IPX platform can facilitate LTE roaming services for more than 95 million subscribers worldwide.

Customers of the exchange can benefit from access to LTE roaming services with more than 70 operators across 44 countries worldwide.

BICS' LTE roaming is designed to allow service providers to exchange any IP traffic bilaterally, with any IPX destination, through a single interconnection.

“The demand for LTE roaming services exploded during 2013 and we expect to build on this interest this year as more operators deploy their next generation networks,” said Mikaël Schachne, VP of mobile data business at BICS.

“Early adopters are already experiencing the benefits of offering a high quality internet roaming experience to subscribers, who now demand seamless 4G connectivity wherever they are in the world.”

The service essentially simplifies the deployment of LTE roaming services, as customers will no longer need to create separate agreements with the hundreds of operators deploying LTE services globally.

“Our IPX customers can now utilise 70 networks worldwide and, by opening up roaming relations with many more LTE operators around the world in 2014, BICS will continue to drive forward the availability of high quality data roaming services, cementing its position as a world leader in the international wholesale voice and data markets,” said Daniel Kurgan, CEO at BICS.

In late October last year, BICS partnered with Unitel in Angola to facilitate what was claimed to be the first 4G video roaming call in Africa.

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