Movistar first to launch 4G in Peru

Movistar first to launch 4G in Peru

Mobile subsidiary of Spanish Telefonica Movistar has launched 4G services in Peru.

Movistar’s LTE network now covers seven districts of Lima.

Licence rules require Telefonica to deploy 4G services in 234 district capitals and towns over the next five years.

Movistar plans to invest $400 million for the launch and expansion of its LTE network in the country.

Peru's government awarded two 4G licences in July last year to Telefónica and Entel - which acquired Nextel in 2013. Nextel has also announced plans to launch LTE services in the country.

The public agency that promotes private investments in Peru, Pro Inversion, has announced that it wants more players in the 4G market. "In the medium term more licences will be offered, probably next year," said Jesús Guillén, project manager at Pro Inversion.

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