FiberLight completes fibre network for Linx in the US

FiberLight completes fibre network for Linx in the US

FiberLight has completed and delivered a redundant fibre-optic network for the London Internet Exchange (LINX) in the US within the Northern Virginia metropolitan market.

The metro ring utlises FiberLight’s underground fibre-optic network in the Northern Virginia area markets, and connects three switching PoPs, which links into the LINX NoVA multi-site internet exchange.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with FiberLight, as this enables us to offer the very first multi-site internet exchange in North Virginia, representing the largest concentration of Internet traffic in the US and benefiting businesses and consumers through cost savings and increased performance,” said John Souter, CEO at LINX.

FiberLight said the service has been launched to provide the US with additional access to content networks with resilient solutions for exchanging local and global traffic.

“FiberLight is proud to add LINX to our growing list of world-class service providers, and we look forward to supporting their strategic expansion in our markets,” added David Spitznagel, EVP of sales and marketing at FiberLight,. “Because FiberLight has such a deep and robust network footprint in the North Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore area, we are positioned to support the service level requirements and expected growth of a valued partner such as LINX.”


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