Kenyan mobile operators fail CCK quality tests

Kenyan mobile operators fail CCK quality tests

The Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) has released a report stating that all four mobile operators in the country failed the regulator’s quality of service assessment for the financial year 2012/2013.

The country set a target compliance level of 80% and the report stated that Orange Kenya had the highest, only reaching 62%.

Airtel Kenya, Safaricom and Yu achieved a 50% compliance level, and all three reportedly failed four of eight parameters set by the Kenyan regulators.

These parameters included completed call rate, call set-up success rate, dropped calls, blocked calls, speech quality, handover success rate, call set-up time and signal strength.

Safaricom ranked worst for completed call rates and the number of dropped calls, and Orange Kenya was the only network to pass the speech quality test.

Non-compliance to standard levels means a penalty of KES 500,000 (est. $5763.5)  for the operators, none of which have been compliant for the last three years.

Despite the apparent lull in its service, in November 2013, the CCK agreed to renew Safaricom’s operational licence for the next 10 years.

Earlier in September 2013, Dutch internet exchange AMS-IX announced that it would be launching an operational hub in the country in late 2014.

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