NSN and China Mobile enhance research MoU

NSN and China Mobile enhance research MoU

Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) and the research and development arm of China Mobile, the China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI), have expanded the terms of their MoU, first signed in 2010.

The renewed agreement will see the two companies increase their co-operation on research and standardisation of advanced mobile broadband technologies in LTE and 5G.

NSN and CMRI intend to improve the overall mobile broadband experience to help mobile operators deliver a more personal gigabyte offering.

“The alignment of NSN and CMRI’s technology vision on future mobile networks is an important foundation for our long-term successful partnership,” said Bill Huang, general manager at CMRI.

“We are delighted to expand our MoU with NSN, the world’s specialist in mobile broadband, to keep pushing the limits of technology, shape the telco industry and explore new ways of helping operators reduce operational costs.”

As well as 5G and LTE deployment optimisation, the two companies will focus on the development of cloud-based radio access networks (C-RAN), nanocell technology for small cell deployments and core virtualisation.

“Since the outset, NSN and CMRI have consistently expanded and reinforced their collaboration to focus on leading research activities and to drive innovation and development of 4G technology and beyond,” said Markus Borchert, president of NSN Greater China.

“We are proud of our long-term commitment to China, especially in the area of TD technology development, and specifically TD-LTE.”

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