PCCW extends connectivity on WACS to DRC

PCCW Global has established a direct connection to the WACS cable at Kinshasa, to provide international undersea cable access to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The company is using direct connectivity to help international telecoms operators and multinational enterprises to connect to the DRC, enabling local operators and businesses to access links around the world.

The ultra-high-capacity fibre connectivity is said to be the first connection into the country, and is intended to improve the reliability of telecoms services and reduce international network latency.

“Direct access to the world’s international telecommunications infrastructure via WACS means that the people and businesses of the DRC have access to the global internet without compromising on speed or reliability. We see this as critical for the future,” said James Welch, VP at PCCW Global.

WACS has 14 landing stations between the UK and South Africa, offering what it claims is the first direct connectivity into Namibia, the Republic of Congo and the DRC.

PCCW Global has invested in developing a mix of connectivity options for the DRC in particular, which includes terrestrial cross-border fibre networks and access to subsea routes.

PCCW Global expanded its African presence last year, following the acquisition of Gateway Communications.