AMS-IX to launch Kenyan internet exchange hub

AMS-IX to launch Kenyan internet exchange hub

Amsterdam’s AMS-IX has today announced plans to build a regional internet exchange hub in Mombasa, Kenya.

The hub is designed to develop east Africa’s regional internet interconnection and AMS-IX is working with the Kenya Internet Exchange Point (KIXP) for the deployment.

The completed AMS-IX East Africa Exchange Point will be expected to enable networks across Africa to connect to each other via a single platform.

“East Africa is an important emerging market, led by Kenya, especially from an ICT point of view,” said Job Witteman, CEO at AMS-IX.

“Interconnection is becoming more and more essential to enable the region’s developing business activity. Together with KIXP, we aim to contribute by helping to improve the African internet ecosystem.”

The exchange is due to go live in November this year, and pan-African ICT-enabler SEACOM will reportedly be the platform’s first reseller.

The partnership with SEACOM will reportedly allow African internet companies to peer with over 600 IP networks via AMS-IX in Amsterdam.

AMS-IX and KIXP have worked together since 2011 and the companies hope the exchange will further strengthen their collaboration.

“Co-operating with a more established global IXP such as AMS-IX has been worthwhile,” said Fiona Asonga, CEO at KIXP.

“This partnership is yet another opportunity for KIXP to add value to the local internet scene, both for the operators and consumers who stand to benefit from an enhanced online experience.”

Earlier this year, South African data centre provider Teraco signed an interconnection arrangement with AMS-IX.

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