Deutsche Telekom will overhaul Eastern European operations

Deutsche Telekom will overhaul Eastern European operations

Deutsche Telekom is considering restructuring its Eastern European operations, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Local sources have said that the German operator is looking to streamline its footprint in the region.

The company’s present CFO Timotheus Höttges is due to succeed Rene Obermann as CEO at the end of the year. As part of the restructure, the company is reportedly considering the sale of its 61% stake in T-Mobile Czech Republic, valued at €1.75 billion last year, but a source said Höttges could yet decide to retain the unit to maintain its international presence.

The news follows an announcement earlier this month that the Czech Republic was re-launching its spectrum auction, and competition in the country is expected to intensify as a result.

Deutsche Telekom is also thought to be considering acquiring a fixed-line operator in the region to strengthen its position.

A source named GTS Central Europe and Netia as companies with which the German incumbent has discussed a potential acquisition.

Deutsche Telekom is reportedly meeting in Poland next week to examine its strategy for Eastern Europe, but it is unknown whether specific measures will be agreed.

The company was earlier this week cleared of overcharging Kabel Deutschland for the use of its cable ducts.

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