Mauritius Telecom upgrades network in Rodrigues

Mauritius Telecom’s mobile arm, Cellplus Mobile Communications (Orange), has launched 3G+ and 4G LTE services on the autonomous island of Rodrigues.

The LTE network is available in the island’s capital, Port Mathurin, but the company has reportedly built ten 3G+/HSDPA-enabled base stations across the region to enhance coverage.

The upgrades were carried out through its partnership with Huawei, which has also seen the improvement of Mauritius Telecom’s 2G network infrastructure in Rodrigues.

“Mauritius Telecom and Huawei share a long partnership, started ten years ago and over the years it has continued to strengthen,” said Mauritius Telecoms’ CEO.

Mauritius Telecom hopes the additions to its service will allow island citizens to access value-added services on their mobile phones, and enjoy high-speed mobile internet at speeds of up to 14.4Mbps.

“Huawei has a social dimension, which demonstrates that the profit is not the only motivation for operators in the telecommunications sector, but the well-being and satisfaction of citizens remain one of our major concerns.”