Swisscom predicts positive end to 2013

Swisscom announced today that it expects to appoint an official CEO by the end of 2013, alongside positing an increased revenue outlook for the year end.

Following the suspected suicide of its previous CEO, Carsten Schloter, Christian Petit has been named head of Swisscom Switzerland from September 1.

Petit has been head of the residential division since 2007, and Marc Werner is expected to succeed him.

Despite the loss of Schloter, and a small drop in its first half financial results, Swisscom has also raised its full year revenue outlook thanks to its recent acquisitions.

Swisscom acquired Entris Operations and Cinetrade earlier this year, and 2013 revenues are now estimated at over CHF 11.4 billion, compared to initial estimates of CHF 11.3 billion.

The company also recorded a growth of 53,000 mobile customers, as well as an additional 42,000 TV customers in Q2.