Level 3 to provide satellite gateway for O3b Networks

Level 3 to provide satellite gateway for O3b Networks

Level 3 has today announced an agreement to provide a North American satellite gateway for O3b Networks.

US provider Level 3 said it has signed the agreement to provide transport services via a satellite gateway, allowing O3b to link its gigabit IP network connectivity and bandwidth services to customers located in the US, Caribbean and Mexico.

"Level 3 gives us the infrastructure we need to provide low latency, high-speed IP services to underserved and remote areas," said Chris Schram, EVP operations for O3b Networks. "With the help of Level 3's secure, reliable transport, O3b is building a global system that delivers the high quality connectivity enjoyed by major world capitals to the underserved and unconnected."

O3b aims to deliver broadband connectivity predominately on emerging and under connected markets in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific.

"Level 3's global IP network paired with its comprehensive transport services gives O3b the platform it needs to deliver satellite-based Internet at the speed of a fiber-optic network," added Mark Taylor, vice president of Media and IP Services at Level 3.

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