Vodafone expands enterprise offering in Africa

Vodafone expands enterprise offering in Africa

Vodafone has expanded its enterprise offering in Africa after launching two regional hubs in east and west Africa.

The move is said to support over 600 of its multinational customers with operations in Africa, with the carrier claiming that its revenues from enterprises in the continent exceeded €1 billion in the financial year ending March 2013.

The hubs in Nairobi, Kenya, and Accra, Ghana, are said to complement Vodafone’s existing enterprise customer services in the region, which are operated through Vodafone Egypt in Cairo and Vodacom in Johannesburg.

Through its network partners, the company is also to be able to provide services to businesses in more than 50 African nations.

“There is growing interest in our ability to offer a single management contract governing multiple territories, taking away much of the worry for large corporate customers looking to manage their communications in a fast-growing but demanding environment,” said Stevan Hoyle, president of Asia-Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa at Vodafone Global Enterprise.

In May, Vodafone restructured part of its business following the 2012 acquisition of CWW, launching its carrier services division within its group enterprise division.

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