Betz departs as PanTel rebrands to Türk Telekom International

Betz departs as PanTel rebrands to Türk Telekom International

Following its recent rebranding from PanTel to Türk Telekom International, CEO Gregg Betz has departed the company, with Cengiz Öztelcan taking over as acting CEO.

The departure was said to be a mutual agreement between Betz and the board.

Betz has served as CEO of PanTel since 2008, with the company being acquired by the Türk Telekom Group in November 2010 for €221 million. In May of this year, the international data and wholesale voice business rebranded to Türk Telekom International, as it looks to leverage the parent company’s existing brand name.

 “Türk Telekom is a very well known brand not only in the region, but also worldwide. As Türk Telekom International, we would really like to leverage the awareness and strength of the brand,” said Cengiz Öztelcan, acting CEO, Türk Telekom International.

Öztelcan said Türk Telekom International plans to expand both its network reach and products and services portfolio, and earmarked 2014 for major announcements. He highlighted the Middle East and Asia-Pacific as two key regions for expansion.

Öztelcan served as PanTel’s former chief marketing and sales officer since December 2012, having previously worked as an international investment director for Türk Telekom for three years.

Betz will remain as a consultant to Öztelcan over the next three months. “He [Betz] has a lot of history and knowledge of the company’s operations and customers. I will make sure we utilise his knowledge and know how during that transition period,” commented Öztelcan.

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