O3b enables 3G services via satellite

O3b enables 3G services via satellite

O3b has partnered with Malaysian telecommunications provider, Maju Nusa, for the deployment of a high-speed, 3G fibre network in the country.

Ahead of its next-generation satellite launch in September, O3b claims to be the first satellite operator to enable a 3G network deployment via satellite.

The deal is hoped to allow Maju Nusa to deploy mobile data services into rural areas of Malaysia where broadband access is scarce.

“Maju Nusa will employ O3b’s capacity to extend our reach to remote areas by offering high bandwidth, superior quality of service and still be more cost effective when compared to traditional GEO satellites,” said Shahruddin Salehuddin, managing director at Maju Nusa.

“For many [customers], this will mean that they will go from zero connectivity to 3G for cellular services practically overnight.”

O3b is expected to reduce capex costs for Maju Nusa, as well as condensing the company’s 111 existing sites in Malaysia, into 20 customer terminals.

“O3b’s speed and affordability is a perfect complement to Maju Nusa’s innovative 3G network in delivering value to Malaysia’s mobile operators,” said Steve Collar, CEO at O3b Networks.

Maju Nusa expects to be offering the 3G service to customers from 2014.

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