O3B on track ahead of satellite launches

O3B on track ahead of satellite launches

Satellite operator O3B Network has said it has reached one third of the capacity of customers on eight new satellites it plans to launch by September in emerging markets.

The company’s chief executive Steve Collar said O3B was aiming to offer internet access at affordable prices, considering its low orbiting satellites located in developing countries where broadband connectivity access is minimal.

Owned partly by SES, one of the world’s largest satellites, O3B also has investments from HSBC bank and Google, with funding of approximately $1.3 billion.

Collar told Reuters: “About 20 customers have signed, representing about a third of the capacity of the system. We expect demand to increase.”

The company confirmed it now has customers in Brazil, Columbia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria, and plans to launch four satellites this month, four in September and four at the end of 2014.


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