Tata partners with TIS on LTE roaming

Tata partners with TIS on LTE roaming

Tata Communications has struck a deal with Telecom Italia Sparkle (TIS) to implement LTE roaming peering between the companies two networks.

The deal between the two IPX providers extends the global community of interconnected LTE enabled mobile network operators as the adoption of 4G continues to grow.

As part of the agreement, both companies will be able to exchange LTE roaming traffic and it will serve to create an interconnected infrastructure to combine both respective IPX networks.

“We expect the demand for 4G services to explode within the next two years,” said Genius Wong, SVP of Global Network Services at Tata. “To ensure that mobile operators are able to cope with this trend, its crucial that the interconnection and interworking complexities of LTE roaming are eliminated.

According to the companies, 4G LTE revenues are projected to exceed $100 billion globally by 2014, with LTE roaming enablement critical in maximising revenue growth. The agreement is an extension of an existing partnership between the operators, which is tailored around IPX interconnections, supporting signalling, voice and data roaming.

Leonardo Cerciello, VP of marketing at Telecom Italia Sparkle added: “We intend to extend these peering agreements further in order to facilitate MNOs in the adoption of new services, as 4G continues to gather pace.”

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