SFR upgrades fibre service to 300Mbps

SFR upgrades fibre service to 300Mbps

French operator SFR is upgrading its fibre network to 300Mbps peak download speeds and 50Mbps peak upload speeds.

SFR expects the upgrade to benefit its 120,000 fibre customers which previously used 100Mbps services.

Over 90% of SFR’s fibre network is thought to be eligible for the 300Mbps upgrade, and the service is reportedly available to over 1.2 million homes across France.

SFR has also announced the launch of a 1Gbps fibre pilot in Paris, available to the company’s existing fibre customers.

The first tests for the 1Gbps services are expected to begin on June 20 2013.

The announcements follow reports earlier this year that Vivendi was considering the floatation of SFR.

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