Telefónica and Push Technology launch global cloud solution

Telefónica and Push Technology launch global cloud solution

Telefónica Digital and solutions provider Push Technology have partnered to introduce a high-performance cloud distribution service.

Claimed to be a first in the industry, the service is a combination of Telefónica’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Push Technology’s data distribution technology ‘Diffusion’, designed to help customers overcome the challenges of bandwidth, infrastructure and redundant data.

“This agreement creates an entirely new method of building mobile and Web services more in line with the requirements of businesses to stay competitive though super optimised cloud performance,” said Tim Marsden, director of cloud at Telefónica Digital.

“Combining both Telefónica’s cloud platform with Push Technology’s real-time data distribution solution, addresses performance, scalability and efficiency to deliver performance.”

The partnership is expected to enable Push Technology to offer IaaS to its customers, that uses less bandwidth and allows for maximum endpoints on minimum servers, as well as supplying real-time data which is hoped to remove the redundant data and lower costs.

“Organisations need to support today’s applications that require exponentially more data, often involving real-time information with unpredictable user demand,” said Lee Cottle, senior VP of global alliances and business development at Push Technology.

“The go-to solution for cloud service providers is to scale using more infrastructure. Instead, working with Telefónica Digital and Push Technology, customers will be able to scale without a costly infrastructure investment, distributing data more intelligently.”

Under terms of the partnership, the two companies have said they will offer initial customers the first ten terabytes of data free of charge.

In October last year, Telefónica Digital acquired US-based video platform TokBox for an undisclosed sum.

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