ICANN to establish European hub in Turkey

ICANN to establish European hub in Turkey

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has today announced it will open a hub in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Istanbul facility will be headed by David Olive, VP for policy development at ICANN, and is part of the company’s larger strategy to increase its global footprint with the opening of further headquarters in Singapore, as well as its existing base in Los Angeles.

“ICANN is becoming increasingly international in terms of our outlook, policies and the makeup of our staff,” said Fadi Chehadé, president and CEO at ICANN.

“Now our global hub strategy will take our internationalism to an improved operational level. These hub offices will become part of the core fabric of ICANN.”

Chehadé said ICANN chose Istanbul because it has a high-quality infrastructure, a growing ICT sector and is in an ideal geographical proximity to other regions.

“The ICANN European hub is being established in Istanbul to act as an epicentre that will help shape internet policy to deliver a more connected community across Europe, Middle East and Africa,” he said.

The company is implementing over 1,400 unique TLDs – one being Etisalat which passed the initial stages of acquirement earlier this month – and the first wave of these domains is expected to come online in the next few months.

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