Ericsson’s Brazil plant to reach capacity

Ericsson’s Brazil plant to reach capacity

Ericsson’s plant in Brazil is expected to reach its full capacity this year as the growing demand for mobile data starts taking effect.

There has been a significant increase in smartphone proliferation in the region, leading to a higher demand for faster networks, with pressure now on operators in Latin America to improve legacy infrastructure.

Earlier this year the country voiced concerns over the release of a government report expected to highlight flaws in mobile data transmission in Brazil.

“We see a growing demand in Latin America, both in 3G and 4G,” said Andre Gildin, market intelligence director for Latin America at Ericsson.

Brazil, Mexico and Colombia are all rolling out high-speed networks this year, and 4G is being introduced in hosting cities for the soccer Confederations Cup to be held in June.

Argentina, Chile and Peru are also making improvements to their mobile networks.

Last year, approximately 40,000 mobile signal transmission equipment parts were produced at the Ericsson factory in Sao Paolo which took its production level to the limit.

“Our expectations are to finish this year with a similar number,” Gildin said.

Ericsson released a report in November last year, highlighting its expectations that mobile subscriptions will exceed the world’s population in the next few years.

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