Celcom Axiata rolls out 4G LTE network

Celcom Axiata rolls out 4G LTE network

Malaysian operator Celcom Axiata does not expect to see large profitability from its 4G LTE network until late 2014, despite rolling out its network earlier this week, the company said.

It is initially offering the domestic service through a USB dongle at certain spots within Klang Valley, an area comprising of Kuala Lumpur and its suburbs.

Partnering with Malaysian operator Digi Telecommunications to roll out the network, Celcom Axiata hopes to cover between two and three million people by the end of 2013.

Celcom Axiata’s chief corporate and operations officer, Suresh Sidhu, said the network would provide customers with digital content including gaming and mobile commerce.

“We will keep delivering new and exciting products and services you will see in six to 12 months there will be more new products and services for both consumers and businesses,” he added.

The company has only earmarked a small return for 2013, with the hope that revenues will pick up for 4G LTE in 2014. It will spend approximately $98.8 million over three years for additional deployments.

“We are expecting to get a fair share from the market. Our focus for this year is to provide good experience,” said Sidhu.

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